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Roberto G Curras

Roberto discovered painting in the studio of his father in Spain. At eleven years old, he began training at his father’s side in drawing, oil and pastel, then refined these techniques on his own. Professional training as a videographer allowed him to specialize in production and filming. However, his passion for pictorial expression drew him back to painting and pushed him to reflect on his own approach. In the early 2000s, Roberto took courses in design theory. Then in 2004, during a long stay in the Mexican city of Jalapa, he began focussing on the relationship between painting and other art forms like poetry or music. He now works in this city as an art critic and professor at the Aureliano Hernandez Palacios Foundation.
Roberto’s artistic dialogue is a more social than political statement on humanity. From abstract expressionism to pop art and graffiti, his work evokes different styles that are all steps in his creative development. The artist uses these currents as a laboratory of ideas. This stylistic toolbox enables him to ensure his technique through repetition.
To keep his freedom, Roberto rarely bases his work on models. Indeed, most of his subjects are born of his imagination. The artist avoids getting locked into rigid representations of reality. His creative process often begins by writing down ideas or making spontaneous sketches. A selection of these early tries then allows him to develop his composition on paper or canvas using the appropriate materials.

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