Elise Oudin-Gilles

Elise grew up in Paris in a family where art was very present. Music, architecture, sculpture… an appreciation of all the creative fields where passed on to her from a very young age. Naturally as a young adult she joined the Duperré School of Applied Arts.
Her first internship was at Lesage Paris, with a master embroiderer, and so she entered the world of fashion suppliers. She worked as a creative assistant, painting designer dresses, which were then embroidered. On creating the set of a fashion show, she discovered the pleasure of designing and implementing a large-scale project. All of these experiences taught her to work according to defined specifications and within precise deadlines.
After her studies, Elise left for San Francisco to deepen her understanding of painting, engraving and screen-printing techniques. At the same time she taught at the School of Fine Arts.
On returning to France, she moved to Marseille. She decided to consolidate her diverse experiences in her personal creations and devote herself to art. Through mixed media (oil, acrylics and ink on paper), she works with speed and movement in an abstract style. She tackles a variety of materials, colours, shapes and writings.
Her paintings are composed of transparency, layering, folds and joints. Her works offer a specific definition of the media, highlighted by geometric forms, compositions of colour or solid blocks.
Vision, odours and music drawn from her personal life and her numerous travels feed her style. Classic and contemporary urban designers and travel logs are also sources of inspiration.
Elise mixes languages and inspirations to create a bold link between the world of textiles and the street.

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Expo Paris Saint-Germain (6ème) Expo Paris Saint-Germain (6ème)
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