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Julie De Terssac

History is important for the French artist Julie De Terssac and the narrative dimension inhabits her whole creation. Canvases and drawings are arranged like the unravelling of a fantastic tale, which fixes and capitalises on poetry, fantasy and the unknown contained in each being and object. The artist wants to draw the material of her work from the deepest depths of what is hidden at everyone’s surface.
Man’s imagination, his inventions and pipe dreams are the ingredients manipulated and implemented by Julie De Terssac to give birth to polymorphous creatures often with strange allures in her paintings. Animals with human faces, men with reconstituted or rebuilt faces populating the artist’s fantasy world. With plants or mushrooms with magic powers and foxes or fishes with a human and benevolent look, she seems to want to give way and hand over to an unreal world, invisible but present, that we observe and that surveys us.
To feed this fantasy and evasive world, the artist literally frees the materials and techniques to give them a sense and a new function. She destroys cuts and sticks paper and materials that she has for the most part salvaged. Kraft paper, various packaging, wrapping paper, tissue paper and magazines are given a second life. Being superimposed and married with warm colours, with which the artist papers her collection, they add a sensual, almost tactile dimension to the works. Texture and material thus plunge us into a world of bright and intense colours and infinite metamorphoses.