Anne Guillon

Born to parents working as teachers overseas, Anne travelled the world at their side for a large part of her childhood and adolescence. Returning to France to pursue her university studies in economics and finance, she left again to live and work for several years abroad. It was only upon her return in 1997 that she decided to turn to art. She then followed decorative painting lessons in the Paris region and began creating home furnishings and art objects.
Based in the Hérault department since 2001, she recently opened her workshop in Pézanas, where she produces her pictorial works. The language of the subject and the freedom of execution are the motivations for her artistic practice. Working from acrylic paints, Anne adds ink, pencil, pastels, charcoal and collages. This mix of techniques gives her works a unique character, which can be read as a patchwork of artistic languages dedicated to the creation of a new means of expression. A unique alphabet, sketched day after day, “it is a new story that [the artist] plots, a new world, timeless, placeless, nameless, an image detached from everything topical, an “innate” image.”
Located in this fragile intermediate space between portrayal and abstraction, “at the limit between the felt and the lived, dream and reality, the visible and the invisible”, Anne’s paintings reflect her relationship with gestures and paper; the latter that she grasps as an expressive support which, devoted to being perpetually transformed, keeps the trace of all changes undergone.