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Originally from Switzerland, when he was 8 years old iW discovered the languid sunny coast of Antibes, the cradle of the Baie des Anges. Sixteen years later, he moved to Paris where he studied industrial design and trained in new multimedia creation. His first solo exhibitions in galleries and cafes of the Right Bank quickly followed.
Influenced by Dada and Surrealism, he creates his works mainly with spray paints and ink. A very important first step is the creation of a bubbling of pigments that are then deposited "randomly" on the medium, causing a arbitrary mix of shades and textures.
The notion of "chance" is important in the creative process. He draws his inspiration from the work of George Brecht (1926 - 2008) for whom "Chance alone is the source of all novelty, all creation."
This technique of applying paint using spray cans allows for full automation, a perfect spontaneity. In this way IW immediacy eradicates all borders between him and his work, making each of his paintings a unique and absolute work, in which the direct relationship with randomness is evident.
A second step is to interpret and generate an unpremeditated form, a character or a floating animal. Each work gradually becomes an interpreted scene or "an unidentified fluctuating character", funny, fantastic, strange, absurd ...
The sequence / magic of shapes and colours create a dream, leaving to the individual who views the canvas his own journey.
IW tries to trap the image, playing with the unexpected and possibilities, not knowing when he begins a work if it will provoke pure chance or a manipulated coincidence. For the viewer, as for the artist, the lines
and curves, shades and invented calligraphy are all free elements, heterogeneous assemblies of spontaneous gestures, leading to a surprising result somewhere between comics and singular, abstract and contemporary art, but where humour does not go unheeded.