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Aline Jansen

Aline began drawing at the age of nine. She attended Fine Art workshops for children where she learned to master live sketches and charcoals. She began studying science, but stopped in order to devote herself fully to art.
She held her first exhibitions at the age of 20 and lived from her art for seven years. At that time she created surrealistic work; her taste for the sciences gave her new and original approaches to the conception and expression of her work. She evolved towards the abstract; a ‘lyric abstraction’ with a need for composing, elaborating, constructing and building.
She would never completely abandon science and began studying again when she was 30 with the goal of working in medical research. And so she shared her time between her two passions, leading these two careers simultaneously.
As Aline’s pictorial work progressed, the medium evolved, including cardboard, cement, inks and other materials. Her paintings are part of a global reflection on the notion of Space, defining the geometries of the earth and the cosmos.
In 2008 she developed innovative creations with new tools and materials. The use of foam as a background gives a feeling of lightness by letting the light through. Aline plays on the contrast between delicacy and hardness, opacity and transparency, lightness and weight.
Today she combines digital technology with her artistic work by integrating photos (digigraphic prints). Her approach is to organise unlikely encounters such as those that exist between fragments of urban photographs and an artistic medium.
Aline’s artistic work is fed by the same process of research and experimentation as her medical work. The purpose of her painting is a poetic sublimation: she wants to evoke emotion from this numeric reality.