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Christina Julsgaard

Born in Hørsholm, Denmark, Christina was first passionate about design, contemporary furniture and fashion. Bold and determined, at age 20, she created and exported her own brand of women’s ready-to-wear.
A few years later, when her career took off, she began to paint. Painting fast became a vital and energizing source of ideas for all of her creations.
In 2009, she decided to concentrate on painting and thus satisfy her thirst for freedom of expression and innovation.
Mainly inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese art, she has developed over the years a minimalist, abstract style, in which the power of contrasts and colours express the tension between life and emotions. Her paintings, painted in acrylic and spray-paint, consist of squares, bright colours and splashes, connected by delicate black ink lines. The artist paints in periods, during which she devotes all her energy to creating. Thus she feels happy and free, "as a child in a playroom in which everything seems possible". Christina therefore naturally entitles her works according to the state of mind in which she is in at the time of execution, without revealing more. She wishes to stimulate the imagination of the viewer and give it free rein. In addition, her paintings are for her a way to communicate and inspire a burst of enthusiasm, courage and optimism. Her talent thrives on passion and personal fulfilment through the realization of dreams and ideas.
Thus, by her boundless creativity and the versatility of her achievements, the artist exhibits today throughout the world and her taste for novelty and challenge continues to push her to new horizons.