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Inouri Kamal

Skilled with the use of pencils, Kamal exercised the practise of drawing from the age of 11, spending most of his time sketching his figures. His teacher would encourage him to persevere with the path. He would encounter painting at secondary school: from then on, he would no longer stop dedicating himself to this new passion, which perfectly unites gesture and material.
In 1998, he started at the ÉcoleSupérieure des Beaux-Arts d’Alger in Algiers, where what he was taught would play a decisive role in his vision of the world of art and creation. With his degree in the bag, he left Algeria to set himself up in France. He established himself in Chambéry in 2005: the mountainous environment of the Savoie region inspired him and reminded him of the landscapes of his native Kabylia.
Kamal’s painting is profoundly and intimately linked to nature. Even if sometimes his subjects vary at the mercy of his desires, more often than not he comes back to his subject of preference: landscapes. Inspired by the works of the Chinese painter and engraver ZaoWou-Ki (1920-2013) and the paintings of Vincent Van Gogh (1853-1890), Kamal conceives contemporary works that are resolutely expressive and exclusively painted with oils.
Made up of multiple coloured touches – from a rich and pure pallet – his canvases allow us to see a nature in perpetual rebirth, in constant mutation.Subtly uniting softness and expressivity, projected by an excellent technical mastery associated with a personal sensitivity, the painter plunges us to the heart of this force that is as enigmatic as it is enchanting and invites us to contemplate.