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Corinne Ko

Ever since childhood, KO has been devoted to painting and drawing as a hobby. After studying literature, she became a specialized leader and organizer, blending her two passions: the world of childhood and creativity.
She created numerous art projects in collaboration with teachers, and in 2002, she founded the association "Aux Arts etc." designed to create art workshops for the ill and disabled. Certain difficult personal events led her to find an outlet for her emotions, and painting became more and more important in her life until it finally became her profession.
KO uses paper "for the sensuality it gives the pen or brush." She works in ink and diluted acrylic for their rapidity of execution. The material never seems controlled or locked in a definitive form. Always in search of new sensations, the artist has experimented for quite some time with layers and thicknesses on the canvas.
The characters that animate her paintings exude a timeless grace. In the midst of stars, flowers, symbols, formulas or butterflies, the viewer is transported to an idealized daily life.
KO’s painting is both a poem and a muse. She creates her work as it inspires her. The viewer is transported from an anonymous landscape where trees stand like souls, to portraits of women whose secrets can be felt coming to life, including delicate scenes of maternity or even the devastating sensuality of "Erotiko."
As a subtle invitation to share, KO opens up spaces for gentle meditation, where the viewer can wander, relax and dream. Over the past year, the artist has worked and exhibited her paintings and jewellery (earrings, necklaces ...) in her workshop in Marseille.