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Theo Koster

Theo Koster began his artistic career at the School of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. His inspiration comes from landscape scenery and his travels. It was in India, more specifically, where he discovered the landscapes, the subject matter, the colours that would spur him on to create an important series of thirty-five canvases entitled « Voyager France-India » (Travels from France to India), which he worked on with a ferocious creativity in 2007. There, he painted outside, surrounded by people and children, and observed the colours, the water, the dust, the tradesmen, the gestures they made. He expresses compassion and empathy like treasures on his canvas. He links all the details, even those of an elephant that he brings to life in his paintings! All the senses are stimulated in India. The free, exciting improvisation of the live music played by the musicians of Radjahastan inspired his work.

For Theo Koster, landscape is more than just subject matter. It is a metaphor containing a certain wisdom, a process that reminds us what is important in life. Through its beauty(ies), the landscape allows the time to pass it by, counting the minutes silently and peacefully.

His technique is one which is often known to be mixed. You can always tell Koster’s work by his “mixed creativity”! Cardboard, sand, fabrics, collages, stickers, feathers, extracts of text, newspaper cuttings, stark and expressive graffiti, which could be painted or printed, scraped or cut out, over or under acrylic paint, pastel, oil paint, by the spontaneous gestures of the artist. These stark visual elements, words, numbers and intense colours are punctuated with large and generous swipes of a paintbrush.