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Attena's complete devotion to art began at a young age. She undertook her artistic education in Warsaw in Poland and worked, in tandem, as a designer and decorator. After moving to the German town of Münster in 1995, she developed an interest in painting, to which she devoted most of her time.
Painting and drawing are the two main forms of artistic expression that she has been developing for over thirty years. Nature, the main theme of her work, has been her greatest source of inspiration. But rather than to attempt to reproduce the elements of nature as faithfully as possible, the Polish artist interprets her subject matter and transcribes it onto her canvas with a process that balances on the line between figuration and abstraction.
The artist wishes more than anything to create emotion within the onlooker and the pictorial style is therefore less important than the subject matter or theme she introduces, associated with the techniques used to convey it. Therefore, the act of choosing a paintbrush, a knife, a spatula or even using her hands is fundamental in creating the piece and will have an inevitable impact on its interpretation once it is completed. The artist brings forth the elements on her canvas that will convey her artistic expression through the gestures and movements of her body.
Attena uses warm colours as she expresses and translates feelings relating to tranquillity and freedom on her canvas. These shades, filled with light and positive tones, imbue her with a concrete language that speaks far from the stresses of daily life.