Marie-Pierre Kuhn

Although having always been attracted to painting, because of the general attitude around her, Marie-Pierre did not expect to make her living from art. Listening to her family, she turned to nursing as her profession. In her free time she enjoyed her passion on her own until a small exhibition made her want to persevere. Around the age of 25, she took courses in various workshops to deepen her knowledge of certain techniques (watercolour, acrylic). Gradually she received more and more invitations, which reinforced her desire to become an artist. In the 90s, her success was such that she decided to dedicate herself fully to her art.
The central theme in Marie-Pierre’s painting is the portrait. Her tribute to femininity, an undeniable part of her creations, shows various aspects. Her stylized characters, somewhere between mysterious and charming, convey mixed feelings. Their pure faces evoke figures of African statues. By adding anachronistic elements (puppets, cup and ball) she takes her works into a unique universe, where reality flies to imaginary lands. Behind a playful setting lies another, more confusing, and just suggested, universe that her painting leaves free to interpretation. These elements refer to a symbolic dream world.
The cheerful and invigorating use of colour gives us an impression of love of life and kindness towards human beings. If dreams are a driving force of creativity, Marie-Pierre still maintains a subtle link with realism by preserving figurative graphics, and decorative elements constitute the architectural aesthetics of her work. By using lines, dots, and other motifs, she creates a rhythmic writing, both simple and dynamic. Nuances in tones of coloured greys reveal an intention towards simplicity that gives greater meaning.
For Marie-Pierre, painting is above all silent storytelling and creating atmospheres that are conducive to contemplation or meditation.