Learning and unlearning, painting is a perpetual struggle between what one has and what one wishes for! This is how the Lyonnais artist defines his work, as a constant challenge. Despite the radical nature of his art, he likes to say he never repeats himself "every time is just a try," he says.
A photographer by trade, it is through related screen-printing technology that he, for the first time, flirted with inks and pigments. In the early 2000s, he self-taught himself monotype and adapted it for his purposes, finding a writing technique, but he remained, like so many others before him, desperately unsatisfied.
So he tried a variety of media: paper, wood and finally painting while multiplying techniques: acrylic paint, ink or wax on wood or cardboard. Christophl devotes his pictorial art to landscapes. An almost abstract painting, tormented and full of matter, where one or more trees appear, marking the end of his meticulous work in homage to the vegetable kingdom.
Previously, his work was created with emotion and action. Acrylics were applied with force, in large and disorderly movements. Angrily, feverishly he scrapes and sands, in successive layers that he applies on his snapshots. For tools he uses spatulas, sandpaper and sanders more than paintbrushes... In the end, it is a peaceful rendering that sanctions this in-depth work. Bi-coloured overlays, stark themes and colours, subtle quests for pure colour and highest forms, Christophl's painting seems influenced by the great American master of abstract expressionism, Mark Rothko (1903-1970). Like him, he has a taste for tight spaces; long monochromatic sequences which best express the secret and delicate soul of hidden things.