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Sophie Lacroix

Born in the Paris region, Sophie obtained her baccalaureate in fine arts before training as a painter with a tutor in his workshop. Set up in Orthez in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department, where she lives and works, she dedicates most of her time to the creation of her works.
For more than twenty years, the painter has explored the universal themes of solitude, love and death; “[her] characters are generic, [she] works on themes dear to everyone and scratches to right to the bottom. Painting is a language and each series also brings its note”. Strongly inspired by all elements originating from nature, and more specifically the figure of the tree, which symbolises equilibrium for the artist, her canvases are timeless fragments where nature and humans mix together. However, it is the representation of man that remains at the heart of her artistic concerns.
The artist resorts to many techniques ranging from oil and acrylic paints to collage, as well as Chinese ink, watercolour and coating. Depending on her urge at the time, she chooses to privilege either the slowness of execution resulting from oil painting or immediacy and fleetingness by opting for inks or watercolours.
Sophie produces her works with a lot of emotion and the stories she draws originate from her dreams and her artistic visions. This story notion, dear to the artist, is found in the practice itself, which is based on the production of series of paintings, which once assembled, write a new tale of their own.