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Inge Lasser

Born in Austria, Inge has always been passionate about art. When it came time to choose her school, she elected to study accounting in a business school. Marriage, three children, and life gradually took her away from her original purpose. In 1991, she opened a restaurant in which she presented her first paintings. She organized exhibitions for many artists in her establishment. The following year marked the starting point of her artistic career, and she decided to devote herself to painting professionally. From 2000 to 2011 she studied in several art academies in Germany (Düsseldorf, Berlin, Bad Reichenhall, Halbenrain...). In 2007, her teacher, Giselbert Hoke, saw a promising career in one of her paintings. Her meetings with contemporary artists John Wanke, Valentin Oman and Kirsten Helfrich allowed her to enrich her artistic approach. A member of the Velden Art Association, the artist lives and works in the heart of the country, in Obervellach Austria.
Inge works with mixed techniques (acrylic, pigment, charcoal, collage, photography) on different media (paper, canvas, Plexiglas). Her style is constantly changing. Joan Miró (Spanish artist, twentieth century), Antoni Tàpies (Spanish painter, twentieth-twenty-first centuries) and Emil Schumacher (German painter, twentieth century) are among her main artistic influences. Her abstract paintings combine the power of colour with a minimalist form of expression. The artist does not leave room for the superfluous. She focuses on the essentials by drawing marked (red, black) lines.
Inge creates according to her inspiration, guided by her own emotions. Art is an outlet for her pain and boredom, a way to express feelings through positive thoughts. An eternal optimist, Inge paints in response to the gloom and hardness of life: "Anything negative can always be transformed into positive momentum, an inspiration, a vibration full of light! It’s my purpose to send this message." Clear and bright, her paintings are a wonderful ode to life.