Lunat is a storyteller ... a searcher and gatherer of images ... in the space of a canvas, with the help of her brush / pen, she likes to paint, "write" and describe strange and bizarre universes where the world of chimeras exists alongside that of childhood.
She holds a Master of Fine Arts, and she has developed her personal art for more than ten years; singular and unclassifiable "graphic stories".
Looking for family photos, building, reconstructing, mixing up groups of images, stories fall together, merging to form new ones. Capturing reality and turning it to imagination ... This is Lunat’s quest, which she expresses in her works.
For this, she uses either only acrylic paint or she works with a base composed of a mixture of collages of photographs, things gleaned and transformed by the computer. This first work can also sometimes be mixed with bits of paintings already completed and / or drawn elements. Lunat’s technique relies on a subtle blend and dosage of associating painting and drawing. She creates a new image or recaptures a painting already made in another format.
In this way faces, animal heads, semi-childish characters, masks, fables ... above all chimeras, take shape on her canvas.
Lunat explores the relationship between photography and representation. She sows graphic clues on canvas, playing with the framing and voids, between reality and fiction, fantasy and realism. Stories and suggestions are made and unmade through one’s understanding. Lunat takes the viewer into a strange world, a kind of waking dream in which one discovers an outdated childhood, often in arrested poses, as if in an old Polaroid. The bodies are immobilized, encamped there waiting for who knows what drama or the unexpected arrival of an indescribable wonder.
Imagination is king in Lunat’s work, like a slight lifting of reality, a spooky sliding ... where our astonished eyes discover these figurative and poetic dreams sailing between the fantastic and the magical.

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