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Patricia Maiocco

Patricia grew up in an eclectic family. French bourgeoisie, proletariat Italian Catholicism and Buddhism made her very quickly aware of the richness of cultural differences.
Careful, patient and creative by nature, at the age of 20 she joined the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris.
After graduation, she worked for several years in interior design and was also engaged in her own personal art: painting on canvas.
Patricia wishes to express in colours, textures and atmospheres her passion for Asia. Her inspirations are many: she attaches great importance to Asian philosophies and beliefs, which she transcribes in the background of her paintings.
She works meticulously with Asian prayer papers that she prepares, the backgrounds revealing Chinese ideograms (meaning prosperity or welcome), words stolen from old books or written with quill pen and sepia ink.
Her favourite theme is the still life. The canvas, once enriched with meaning and matter, is ready to host the main subject: fruits and vegetables (oil painting). Patricia likes to evoke objects or characters that are familiar to her and draws inspiration from her surroundings. Her child immersed in thought, the creased paper page on which she has just done her work or the cloud that has lasciviously crossed the summer sky are moments of life from which she extracts the details. She paints with spontaneity to express "simplicity and timelessness."
The great painters Piero della Francesca (fourteenth century, Italian) and Johannes Vermeer (seventeenth century, Flemish) also feed her inspiration.
Painting has become a necessity in life, and in 2001 Patricia decided to devote herself entirely to her passion, leaving her paying job to embark on this adventure. She has, therefore, multiplied her exhibitions in France and abroad.