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Born into a family of musicians, Isabelle grew up in an intense artistic world in which painting, drawing, music and photography, and any other art form were a part of daily life. Her career is punctuated with many experiences: encounters, travel and music.
After acquiring various experiences by taking on different jobs, painting came to play a truly important part in her life- and became essential in every way. She decided to dedicate her life to it and to live fully by it. She is above all self-taught, but she did receive training in Applied Arts and then in the Fine Arts Ateliers of Paris (Ateliers des Beaux Arts). For several years, she alternated between being an illustrator and a painter. She illustrated many books before focusing exclusively on painting.
Isabelle's work is often placed in the field of lyrical abstraction (a post-war modern art movement). It is an exploration of materials and impressions where nothing is truly revealed and where each person must determine their own way of reading it. This work is closely connected to music, which is essential to its existence.
There is no specific influence in Isabelle's painting. It is rather an interior opening that leads one to lose all references in order to discover the gesture, the impression, the line or the colour and follow the creative path that it takes you to. She uses painting in order to find freedom and to speak the unspeakable and in order to discover and surprise herself.
Isabelle mainly uses acrylic, pigmentations, pencil and any number of materials she finds and collects in her atelier. You can see the materials in her work; the graphic and concrete items she uses become prints, contrasts, lights, shapes and shadows...
Once finished, the canvas takes on a life of its own and establishes a relationship with the onlooker. Isabelle is no longer a part of it; she is already headed down another road. For her, painting is the simplest form of expression but also the most difficult because it demands that you return to your original freedom...