Having won many prizes in competitions organised in her home region, the landscape artist Mamen trained in art techniques at the University of Murcia.
Very attached to the idea that art must not just be accessible to the privileged few, the Spanish artist produced many works in small formats that showcase daily activities, past-times and objects; all of these experiences that enliven the lives of everyone everyday and that more often than not pass by unnoticed. Mamen’s painting, exclusively figurative, is conceived as a personal diary, enriched each day with new works on varied subjects: landscapes, dead nature and life scenes. As such, since the end of January 2015, the painter has imposed a creative rhythm on herself that consists of producing one piece per day that she then publishes on her website.
Always beginning her paintings with oils, the artist works with great strokes of the paintbrush that she alternates with the use of a brush and a spatula. Sometimes, she chooses to change the pictorial elaboration with acrylics – mainly used for large formats produced for competitions and high stature exhibitions. This second technique, obliging her to work with fervour due to the quick drying, allows her the possibility to experiment more intensely with the material.
Rich in nuances, her chromatic pallet has developed around purplish-blue tones that she transforms to create warmer or colder shades, inspired by each work. Her pieces with luminous tonality are flowing with the artist’s dynamic style.