Gil Manconi

From an early age, Gil was attracted to various manual activities, but when he discovered woodworking it was a revelation. Although participating in other training and experiences, he has always kept this material as his main medium. His career has been an unusual one and he has trained in many different areas: industrial design, carpentry, cabinet making, restoration of luxury cars, jewelry design, sculpting... but in the end he has always focused on wood. After a period of time spent on a personal quest, he discovered his need for artistic expression and finally found a certain life balance. In 2001, he took a giant leap and decided to begin expressing himself using the skills he had learned.
Gradually Gil discovered other materials, while keeping wood as a working basis, and so he began composing his paintings with annealed glass and metal (brushed aluminum, tin ...).
He uses fire to oxidize and "texture" the surface. On a charred base, elements contrast and fuse. Wood is his canvas, a soldering iron his brush.
His work focuses on geometric elements and materials that are opposed and superimposed in space by a set of lines, textures and strong contrasts. The graphics and the simplicity of materials reflect a need, a search for balance, so that beyond appearances the essential is revealed. The material makes the artist’s inner quest perceptible, his desire for truth essential for the harmony of opposites.
His inspiration comes from his perspective on our graphic and textured environment. The feelings and emotions that are evoked are his palette of inspiration.
Gil creates symbols that reflect his personality. Through the balance that he is seeking in his works, he seeks a harmony in his own life. A harmony that he finds in his art.
The artist gives modest materials a sense of glory.

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Paris Saint-Germain (6ème) Paris Saint-Germain (6ème)
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