Pascal Merlet

Initially a cartoonist, Pascal made painting his sole and privileged means of expression from 2002 onwards. Originally from Angers, he set himself up in Levroux in the Indre department and opened his workshop there three years later.
Heavily inspired by cultural history from the end of the 19th century, and in particular, by the world of the English writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), the artist drew his inspiration for the creation of his characters, also calling upon his imagination and his travel memories. Using acrylics on canvas with paintbrushes or knives, Pascal creates strong and original figurative works that are coloured subtly. His subjects, often approached humorously, almost bordering on caricature, show us an extraordinary world whose beings and characters seem to come straight out of fairy tales and enchanted myths. Excessively stretched out or magnified, treated with finesse and gentleness, the characters that inhabit Pascal’s works seem to be provided with an almost perceptible sensitivity.
The attention to detail, the very particular attention brought to the treatment and the composition, both funds and elements that “adorn” his subjects – costumes for some, fur, feathers or scales for others – reveal an innate gift for artistic creation in the self-taught artist. Curious and passionate, he continually looks for and experiments with new techniques to enrich and reinvent his practice and his artistic language. With his actions and his world that are so unique, Pascal has been able to forge his artistic identity and conceive a pictorial signature recognisable by everyone.