Colin Merrin

Colin has always been passionate about painting. Having graduated from the Faculty of Arts in Maidstone in 1974, he began his professional career in cartoon animation. He exhibited for the first time in 1981. Four years later, one of his works was accepted to the prestigious Royal Academy exhibition. From 1988 to 1989, he travelled around the world (India, Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand, United States). Not being able to live properly from his passion, he did different jobs while painting in his spare time. 2009 marked the beginning of his artistic career. He was elected as an associate member of the Royal Watercolour Society. He currently lives and works in Brighton.
Colin enjoys working in watercolour for its immediacy and transparency. He likes to play with the texture and material of oil and acrylic paints. Landscapes are his specialty. The artist finds inspiration in the busy streets of major cities and in the misty views of the South Downs (mountains of southern England). He greatly admires J.M.W. Turner (English painter, nineteenth century), and appreciates the modern landscapes of Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne (French painters, nineteenth - twentieth centuries). His art is also influenced by his English contemporaries: Peter Lanyon, David Tress, Barbara Rae, Kurt Jackson and Neil Davies.
The artist is constantly experimenting with new techniques in search of novelty. He works in the studio from sketches made outdoors. With a quick and spontaneous gesture, he paints directly onto the canvas without preliminary drawing. Between abstraction and figuration, his works do not aim to recreate reality, but to evoke a feeling, an atmosphere. Colin turns an objective observation into a personal and subjective image. Urban or rural, the landscape becomes an excuse to explore the possibilities of painting. Beyond the subject, the artist seeks to understand how shapes and colours come together to form a perfect harmony. Suggesting rather than showing, Colin gives free rein to the viewer’s imagination.