Isabelle Mignot

As a child, Isabelle grew up in Paris and quickly developed a passion for painting. Her father’s numerous works of art fascinated her, and at age 11 she began painting and drawing. She was described as a dreamy child who liked to delve into the paintings of the great masters. Those of Joan Miró (twentieth century), overflowing with details, colours or symbols and William Turner (nineteenth century) with their play of light, particularly moved her. Painting quickly became an intimate imperative, like breathing. She taught herself and gradually evolved in her art.
After graduation, she devoted herself to theoretical studies (Ecole du Louvre) and then launched into professional life, while continuing to paint. She began and managed a corporate legal secretary business until the age of 40, when she decided to devote herself entirely to her passion for art. She is inspired by everyday life, which she transposes in an abstract manner on her canvases. She paints different shades of colour, reflecting her thoughts and emotions: joy or nostalgia.
Isabelle uses different medium: acrylic paint, pigment, plaster or marble powder, applied with brushes, knives or directly with her fingers. She chooses the background to suit her desires: canvas, bamboo, paper...
Her palette is recognizable by the intense variations of brown, blue, black and white. Her style is a harmony between figuration and abstraction. She leaves the viewer the opportunity to get lost, to meet and accept one another.
Since 2006, Isabelle has had many exhibitions in France and abroad. She is dedicated to art through her paintings and also her involvement in the Taylor Foundation (artists' association), of which she is a member.