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Born under the sun of southern France, Milane L was cradled by the Mediterranean Sea. The warm colours of the French Riviera are rooted deep within her. This region, which has been preferred and cherished by many artists, is an integral part of her life. The energy she draws from this bright and shimmering environment is reflected in her compositions with futuristic accents.
Attracted since childhood to drawing and colour, Milane was soon attracted to the work of Toulouse-Lautrec (French painter, nineteenth century). Joan Miró (Spanish artist twentieth century), Georges Mathieu, Jacques Monory and Philippe Pasqua (French artists, twentieth – twenty-first centuries) are also among her references. When choosing her career, Milane L was interested in architecture and attended a graphic arts school in Nice (Alpes-Maritimes). After four years of study, she began as a freelancer in the advertising industry. But it is with painting that she really blossomed. Then came her turning point: a sudden need for creative freedom, an irrepressible desire to go beyond drawing to allow colour to emerge, until that was all that mattered.
Milane L is a passionate painter. What could be more natural with mixed Italian and Andalusian origins? She combines oil painting, acrylic, markers and material effects in her work, and is inspired by southern environments, landscapes and unique monuments. Just as clouds allow the imagination to wander, Milane L’s work also makes the viewer travel. Each shape, each feature affixed to her canvas serves this purpose.