Patricia Mulko

Patricia has always loved art and been drawn to creating. After spending her childhood in Paris, she tried several areas of study (medicine, biology biochemistry…) without truly finding her passion. She began her professional life in real estate sales.
She expressed her childhood passion for art by buying and collecting works of art.
Patricia loves all styles with a preference for portraits. Faces, heads, expressions of all sorts fascinate her. She appreciates the depth of eyes and the movement of faces. Different postures are all full of artistic possibilities.
For many years she expressed her sensitivity through her collections without ever trying her hand at art herself. But in 1994, a meeting would change her life and encourage her to begin her artistic career. For 5 years Paul Conte, a painter from Nice, encouraged her to implement her talent. He taught her technique and the desire to excel.
Patricia began her first creations with pastels, collage and oil paint. She particularly likes the latter, which allows her to play with reliefs, blending, brightness and material effects. She likes the long drying times of oil paint, which offers more freedom and flexibility. In this way she can rework the pieces until entirely satisfied.
In her works Patricia likes colour, the play of light and shadow.
Freedom and abstraction are essential to her art. Patricia does not like fact. She is inspired by the symbolist painters, such as Gustave Moreau (XIXe century) and Manolo Valdés (XXe century).
She combines portrait and abstract techniques in her painting. This subtle alliance leaves the viewer the freedom to feel what he wishes. Today Patricia lives from her art and her passion.