Anne Muller Dorn

Anne grew up in Germany and began drawing at an early age. She studied French and Fine Art at the University of Saarland (Germany). After graduation, she became an art and French teacher and worked in parallel on her art. Constantly evolving, she continued studying Fine Arts (Saarbrücken and Marseille) and finally followed her husband to Belgium where she set up her studio.
Her work in oils and acrylics is primarily figurative, but she has gradually moved away from the subject matter to focus on colour. She isolates the medium from the colour. Anne enjoys experimenting with materials: glue, fabric, plastic film ... and is interested in natural processes such as flow, droplets or cracks. There are no "rules" in the choice of materials she uses; she is interested in anything unusual, anything that has an unknown aesthetic.
Anne tries to educate the viewer in the artistic value of the materials. She wants to show the beauty in everything. She uses disposable materials of no value and presents them in an artistic context. Sensitive to all objects, their characteristics and their colours, she challenges them artistically in order to reveal them.
Anne belongs to the "concrete art" movement, which is related to "geometric abstraction." Kandinsky recognized there a concept of "the future" that we indeed find in her work. The questions of the environment, natural resources and respect for the Earth are essential for the artist, evidenced by the use of recycled materials turned into works of art.
Working with salvage materials is often long and repetitive: storing, cleaning, cutting, arranging. Anne’s patience is a reflection of her esteem for these materials.
Her work implies a positive outlook for the future. Anne values recent synthetic materials, from the present and the future, and gives them a real aesthetic beauty.