Igor Oster

Igor Oster was born in 1972 in Minsk, Belarus to two parents who were themselves artists. From an early age he watched his parents paint as well as he himself made use of their brushes. Igor always knew he wanted to pursue his passion. Influenced by the classic Belarusian school, he took traditional drawing, painting and printing technique classes. In 1998, he graduated from the Academy of Arts in Minsk. He then looked more closely at Modern Art and the work of renowned artists such as Kandinsky and Chagall (Russian and Belarusian painters of the twentieth century). In a move to diversify his knowledge and skills, he continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Münster, Germany. His classical training and mastery of design allowed him to make many sketches in search of the perfect composition that would make his canvas the most accurate representation of his ideas. He sketches in charcoal and graphite before painting in oil or acrylic. His painting is first diluted, his strokes fluid, and then the texture becomes thicker with more elaborate effects. The artist likes to depict the architecture of the cities he explores and the people he meets there. He constantly feeds his inspiration by collecting pictures of monuments, portraits and videos of all kinds. Igor describes his style as figurative, sometimes objective, sometimes subjective, borrowing an expressionist trend. For him, the harmony of the composition comes through the creation of a mood through lines and shades. This mood, he captures during his travels or walks when his eyes fill with colours. He returns later to his canvas, cardboard or paper and reproduces the best light to guide the viewer and opens the doors to a world bathed in light and warmth. Today an accomplished artist, Igor Oster is established in Germany, where he divides his time between his studio, international exhibitions and leading art workshops for people with disabilities at the Eben-Ezer Foundation.