The self-taught artist, Patoune, has been producing paintings for more than twenty-five years now. Set up in her workshop-gallery in Laudun in the Gard department, she completes and exhibits her works whilst giving painting lessons to her pupils.
Initially figurative, her pictorial style is now resolutely oriented towards abstraction. Her works “with minimalist forms and treatments and improbable balances” are produced on linen canvas with oil paints most often, and sometimes with acrylics. The exclusive use of a knife allows the artist to constantly play with the contrasts of colours, materials and textures. As for the subjects represented, they seem to be marked by dreams. Silhouettes appearing as sketches – sometimes simply suggested – emerge or stand out in a harmonious way in the immensity of landscapes. Rich and varied, the pallet of colours used brings the ensemble a shimmering and bright aspect.
Picking up on a modern aesthetic, Patoune’s pictorial practice is deliberately spontaneous and deeply steeped as much in her memories as in her emotions that permanently feed her work. The canvas is envisaged here as a space to reveal the inner truth and the emotional unconscious of the artist. It is on this blank and familiar support that the Gard painter’s gestures can freely draw and affirm themselves, as well as reveal all of her sensitive potential. A painting which, drawing all of her strength in humanity that forms her, may be read as an invitation to enter into this poetic and unique world for a few moments.

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