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Pawel Krol

For five years, from 1998 to 2003, Pawel studied painting at the School of Arts in Krakow ... while still being productive enough to exhibit his work in galleries in that city and Washington, U.S.A. This native of Krakow is part of the new generation of artists who have appeared on the stage of contemporary Polish art since the collapse of the Eastern bloc, twenty-five years ago. Like many of his contemporaries, the work of Pawel captures some of the Polish identity crisis at the beginning of the twenty-first century.
His works are divided into five main techniques: monochrome, drawings, paintings (oil, watercolour) and ink drawings on monochrome. He uses tempera and scraping methods on a background drawn in ink. His colours are raw and naturalistic, allowing him to obtain highly detailed, very accurate and sometimes textured illustrations.
At first glance, each of his works seems to be planned carefully, as if he knew exactly what was happening on the canvas. But in reality, the beginning of work is invaded by empty space, maintaining a sense of almost infantile vulnerability in order to enable this fantasy that will fill the "white paper" with a subject and colours … and so begins the process of what "should be".
This method produces spontaneous and refreshing results. His works seem to reflect a journey into the most intimate parts of his soul, where he touches on melancholic and / or joyful emotions. His paintings reflect the clash between old and new Poland, seen from all angles. The subjects he chooses reflect a sense of humour and allegory that counterbalances the anguish of his soul-searching. Pawel is sensitive to everything and sees what is going on around him very well ... His paintings are, in his opinion, music, and they give us the new melody of today’s Polish youth!

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