Veronica Pena Munoz

Childhood and adolescence, these tense and privileged moments of the creation of the self, of transition, but also of internal conflict and hesitation are the basis of experimentation for Veronica Pena Munoz’s work. The child figure and the emotions associated with it such as impetuosity, energy, but also naivety or fear, occupy a central place in the artist’s paintings. Happy, worried, alone or surrounded, these small characters inhabit her paintings like so many memories of her own past.
It was from her mother, artist and teacher at the San Jan School of Arts (Argentina), that she discovered the practices of drawing and painting for the first time. She then started producing drawings and watercolours, always exploring the movement and tension through the sketching of these elusive figures.
Finally taking man and his tools of expression as her subject, the artist offers an intense pallet of sombre colours and multi-tonal shading, creating visual effects from the haziness to the appearance of the form. This subtle atmosphere engulfs the silhouettes, creating a feeling of swaying, an illusion of weightlessness. Plunging the spectator into a quasi-contemplative state, her works using oils or acrylics on canvas sketch the shadows of a people which dances, the image of a crowd or a community, a portrait of man at the heart of a society which tears him in half or supports him, defends him or condemns him. Adding the layers, Veronica Pena Munoz creates the material, sketching the role and function of her characters, orchestrating their group choreography.