Françoise Persillon

Françoise Persillon was born in 1951 in Bordeaux. As a child on her way to school, she stopped one day in front of a bookstore window where a reproduction of " Sunflowers " by Van Gogh (Dutch painter of the nineteenth century) stood. She immediately understood that the craft of painting, which was until then unknown to her, would be her own. Growing up she attended museums and practiced drawing from observation. Influenced by the classics, the Impressionists and the Parisian School, she decided to perfect her technique by attending the National School of Fine Arts in Paris. Françoise finds inspiration in her long bike rides, or during those rare moments when she drinks her tea daydreaming in front of her window. Her observations feed her artistic soul and invade her mind as well as her home. She fills her sketchpad, for which her memory serves, with sketches of trees, landscapes and still lifes. Françoise is in a constant state of awareness. Anything may touch her, including the most trivial things. A white cup next to a ripe pear and the magic begins. Françoise then transforms her mental sketches into real sketches. She selects, rebuilds, interprets and sublimates reality in a figurative style; following her own rules and under the instruction she has received. Through simple and strong compositions, she seeks to communicate and share emotion through subtle vibrations of colour which oil painting allows her. Whether with knife or brush, she attempts to reveal the atmosphere or the mystery of these everyday images. Over time, her work has evolved naturally and gradually to more excitement and rigor. She also creates posters and designs lithographs for publishers, for which the techniques are different. Her posters target a more communicative dimension of the image and are, because of that, made with acrylic. Lith ography teaches her the simplification and layering of colours. Françoise has devoted her life to painting and, throughit, under takes to capture and revealthe of ten hidden beauty of  the simplest hings .