Ivo Petrov

Born in Pleven, Bulgaria, Ivo painted from an early age. He developed his artistic talents in high school and specialized in painting at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, in the fine arts department. Attached to his roots and his country, he still lives and works in his hometown. Art is, for him, a family affair. His wife, the artist Nina Petrova, shares his passion for painting. The couple evolves in an environment conducive to exchange and creation.
Ivo finds inspiration in the beauty of the Belle Époque and the electric atmosphere of the 1900s. He appreciates the artists of the Vienna Secession (late nineteenth and early twentieth century) and the elegance of Art Deco. Gustav Klimt (Austrian painter, nineteenth-twentieth centuries) and Tamara de Lempicka (Polish painter, twentieth century) are among his favourite artists. The painter uses oils for their plasticity and intensity. This medium offers him a palette of infinite tones. His imposing characters stand out from decorated backgrounds. Their faces are marked by shades of very bright colours (red, orange, blue, purple....), much like tribal tattoos. This original feature recalls the Fauvism of Henri Matisse (French painter, twentieth century).
Figurative, his art is characterized by his stylized treatment, almost cubist, of shapes and figures. The composition corresponds to an overall geometric organization. Each element of the painting is clearly defined in its own space. The painted scene is not shown in its entirety, but cut as if to encourage the viewer to take his place in the work. Ivo combines disparate elements (traditional costumes, references to the circus and the dance…) while creating amazing and captivating universes.
A skilful director, the painter brings alive on the blank canvas a performance of colours. Real (everyday scenes) or imagined (mythological, folk tales...), his works invite us to dream.

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