Nina Petrova

Nina was born and raised in Bulgaria, where she still lives. From a very young age she was interested in creative activities and art fast became an essential part of her lifestyle. At school she studied woodcarving and discovered the arts, finally studying Fine Art at university. She specialized in painting, which became her chosen field.
Many years of artistic research have allowed her to grow progressively. Her style and colours evolve and the images shown are always full of optimism.
She particularly enjoys painting with oils due to its elasticity and smooth texture. This technique opens up an infinity of possibilities for creating spaces and situations. Initially, Nina was interested in the power of colour; in the emotions that it provokes and the unique perception that it gives of space. And so it became a means to express her emotions.
Finally, Nina turned to monochrome, decreasing her use of nuances. She works the characters and the general composition to create a retro atmosphere.
Nostalgic for the Art Déco and vintage years, Nina transmits her longing in her painting. She reflects, with undeniable elegance, a sweet sadness mingled with optimism. Each of her works takes us into a universe of old world charm, where poetry, femininity and mystery meet.
Everything from the past inspires Nina: photographs, films, posters, old family stories and past ideals fuel her work.
Artists such as Lawrence Alma-Tadeva and John Williams (neo-classical painters) also inspire her with their depiction of old themes revisited.
Married to a painter, art is an integral part of Nina’s life. Her children are a constant source of artistic renewal.

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