Isabelle Philips Decramer

Isabelle grew up in southwestern France. Initially nothing predestined her to art and she took a course on dental surgery and began working in a medical office. By chance, she discovered watercolour during an internship at the studio of Claude Nicaud (a known painter of the region). During her 10-year medical career, she continued to paint in parallel and attended various artistic workshops. At 32, she took a break in her career to spend time with her children. Taking advantage of her free time, she enjoyed painting, and on her return to work, she felt a strong desire to devote herself to art.
Isabelle began with watercolour, which she practiced above all outdoors, immersed in nature, a generator of sensations and emotions. She continued her figurative work in oils (landscapes, still lifes, portraits) for a long time until the lines and shapes were freed from any representation to tend towards abstraction.
The colours combine first in her mind and invite her to begin a painting. Then a first form appears and her imagination takes over. Little by little, the composition progresses without her ever really knowing what the result of this creative process will be. Despite the rules of composition, the work of Isabelle is rather an instantaneous search of a changing balance until the final touch. She paints with oils by layering glazes to enhance colours. The fading lines create delicate passages between the nuances and a subtle rendering of light.
The fog, vegetation, water and mountains of her environment are sources of perpetual inspiration. Through such dialogue with nature through painting, Isabelle captures the essence of the landscape and turns it into an inner landscape, a reflection of her own soul. In an ongoing quest for light and colour harmonies, her painting does not seek to aggress or provoke strong emotions. Instead, Isabelle invites tranquillity and serenity.