Teia Pons Matas

For the Spanish artist Teia Pons Matas, art is present in all of nature’s creations and in all everyday objects: a light dimming, a wet hat in the rain, a skyscraper that towers and whose lines stand out against the blue sky, clouds with changing shapes, a bird’s flight. Mixing acrylic and oil painting, the artist essentially focuses her research on chromatic scales, the range of tones, the intensity of contrasts.
In this context, everything becomes subjected to experimentation: traffic lights in the city, a crowd of open and colourful umbrellas, characters in blue, red or yellow raincoats, suitcases, crates or boxes with vivid tones, hot air balloons colouring the sky with their balloons of contrasting shades. Working principally with a spatula, Teia Pons Matas creates intense and hot blocks of colour that come and superimpose skies, constructions, characters and objects in compositions with geometric appearances that introduce, however, a disturbing depth.
Something evanescent indeed, something aerial, something floating is added to the power of her creations. A flux that allows us to glimpse the artist’s gestures, the rubbing of the spatula, the touches, the material effects, textures that put together a work with realist intentions that draws, however, on the imaginary with a brand new way of interpreting shapes and of colouring the world.