R. Bidounga

R.Bidounga grew up in Brazzaville, capital of the Republic of Congo. In childhood he developed a passion for drawing and scribbling whatever he saw. He quickly became the neighbourhood illustrator. His father noticed his talent and encouraged him in this direction.
After studying literature, he devoted himself entirely to painting and sought to create his own style. Attentive to his environment and knowledgeable of the art market, he met with the great painters of his country. He refined his technique by participating in workshops and courses held by the European Union in the Congo. His work quickly stood out with a style somewhere between symbolism, cubism and abstraction.
For R.Bidounga all subjects are ripe for exploitation. With acrylic or oil painting, he transforms natural pigments, wood, fabric, raffia or jute bags until he achieves the perfect combination. He glues, unglues, and tears at the canvas until he is satisfied.
His favourite themes are the villages of Africa called "Bibelo" (households) which are gradually losing their souls. R.Bidounga is concerned about threats against his people. His job is to attract attention to its rich culture and the need to protect it. He represents the hopes of his community through painting murals. His paintings tell the story of these populations (nbochis, Maasai, Wollof ...) which are threatened by Western civilization.
Everything inspires him: past, present, traditions and nature. As he paints, R.Bidounga is pushed by a supernatural force. The best time to unleash his creativity is at night, when he is in symbiosis with the sounds of nature.
Finding it difficult to live from his art, R.Bidounga left to settle in Senegal in order to find the best artistic opportunities. In Dakar, the cultural life offers him a reputation that finally now exceeds the borders of Congo. In parallel, he works as a trainer for young self taught artists.