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Perrine Rabouin

Perrine grew up in Haute-Provence and at an early age had a magical outlook on life. She left the region to study at the Duperré School of Fine Arts in Paris where she specialized in images and became creative director in an advertising agency. But she quickly rediscovered her freedom in order to paint and teach drawing.
After many years devoted to drawing from live models, her expression of reality has shifted to a sensual and poetic abstraction. Now, Perrine speaks of a real world with unreal images. Gathered harmonies are the source of her colourful and enthusiastic painting.
A colourist at heart, she works with vigour, freeing the architecture of her paintings from the mass. To achieve a solid composition, she observes an emergence of the unknown from the range of colours. She does not shy away from an electric shock between colours, but is also known to use very soft tones.
Perrine works in oils for the quality of contrasts and subtle shades and nuances that she discovers with them. The flexibility, smoothness and sensuality of the material delight her. She moves here and there in the painting, shifting areas of colour, removing, moving and working in glaze or paste.
The artist’s materials slowly build the composition, leading her to move, adjust, and change constantly, until she sees what she has been looking for, what she secretly hoped for. Her work is full of uncertainty with outbursts and moments of doubt.
Perrine is both actor in and spectator of the painting in the making. The finished work seems to breathe; it is autonomous and invites the viewers’ imagination to continue the journey that has been started by the work.
The artist’s inexhaustible joie de vivre is responsible for all her work. For Perrine, there is an infinity of possible realities to recreate and share.

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