Huub Ragas

Huub wanted to become an architect. During his childhood in Eindhoven (The Netherlands) he felt a need to shape the world and began to draw. He was fascinated about fireworks, studied sciences and graduated as a chemical engineer. A few years later his passion for drawing and painting encouraged him to enrol in the Academy of Fine Arts. There he found a perfect balance between his engineering profession and painting hobby.
His childhood dream lingered, however, and his wish to become an architect can be seen on his canvasses. Huub is inspired by urban landscapes, overpopulation and the way people shape the nature. His environment, just like his inner world, serves as his sources of inspiration. His work reflects a multicultural, geometrical, poetic dream world.
He paints mostly with gouache and acrylic on canvas or cardboard. Huub creates fantasy cities and series of high, colourful houses, which are unrealistically arranged (from different angles).
He expresses his love for nature through depicting all kinds of animals (like fish and birds). He wants to transmit joy and conjure a smile on the face of the viewer.
Huub is inspired by the way master painters Paul Klee and Friedensreich Hundertwasser (20th century) use of forms and colours. He admires the research of the balance between man and nature which Hundertwasser conveys on his canvasses.
In 2008 Huub decided to continue his engineering career part time in order to dedicate more time for art. He exhibits both in the Netherlands and internationally.