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Eva Recordon

Born in Ulm, Germany, Eva was drawn to the arts from a young age. Early on she attended several workshops and learned different techniques from renowned artists. 1992 marked the beginning of her first exhibitions. Between 1995 and 1996, she studied at the School of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. During her training, she discovered new forms of rich and varied expression. Eva now divides her time between Germany in winter and the south of France in summer. She exhibits in several countries (France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Canada).
The artist enjoys the freedom offered by abstraction. She creates from three natural elements (earth, water, light) in harmony with creation, the universe and man. Her aim is not to represent reality, but to recreate feeling and emotion; the viewer can then invent their own interpretation of the work.
Eva uses a mixture of acrylic paint and mixed media on various surfaces (canvas, cardboard, paper). After applying the colour in several layers with a brush or spatula, she adds different textures. Close to nature, the artist focuses on organic materials (ochre sand, natural earth). She finds plant material found in her garden and integrates it like a collage to give relief to her compositions.
Her chromatic research is highly guided by her inexhaustible source of inspiration, Provence. Eva is fascinated by the light of the Provence countryside. Red envelops most of her paintings with a joyful and comforting warmth. The artist uses this colour as a powerful symbol of happiness and love. Expression and spontaneity are the hallmarks of her work. Each of her abstract compositions offers a unique visual experience.