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All of the uniqueness of French artist Cyril Réguerre’s practice resides in the invention and experimentation of a complex and pluralist technique allowing him to get as close as possible to his feelings and to be aware of the body’s movement and the moving body, the main inspiration and central theme of his practice, with as much precision as possible.
Water constitutes the basis of his technique. Once it is mixed with the pigments, the liquid element sketches slivers, reflections, streaks, lines and curves on the paper with bamboo – also called a reed pen. The brown, blue, red and orange applied on the background mixing purple and gold and shades of browns and greys therefore offer a pallet of bright colours. The nut husk allows deep tones whilst the china black contrasts with the white of the paper, creating a subtlety in the treatment of the designs and the form.
On the paper, the material, first liquid, takes shape and sets like a stop in time, a break in the momentum of a moving body. The female subject or the male nude, the athletic and slender stature of a horse thus take off and become the time of a second, the time of drawing, virtually transparent silhouettes, almost aerial effects.
This finely balanced alchemy gives prominence to the chance of gestures, the instinctive proven feeling in light of colours or shades that must match, the bright lines then diluted below successive layers, below the passages of time.