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During his childhood, cans of paint, crayons and Play dough figured prominently in Rogé’s world. His schoolbooks were covered with small colourful characters, heading off on adventures or chasing imaginary monsters. Art took precedence over more academic subjects, and as an adult he attended the School of Fine Arts to become an art teacher. During his studies, he discovered the fantastic world of clay and ceramics. He fell in love with this technique and worked as a ceramist for 30 years. In parallel, he continued to paint and exhibit in his studio, which was open to the public. He also participated in numerous art fairs and exhibitions.
Gradually the desire for colour, and a need to tell stories emerged, and in 2007 he decided to devote himself to painting. Rogé uses a specific ceramics technique, "sgraffito" (to engrave a drawing in a coating of mortar), and adapts it to his painting.
On a first layer of dark acrylic paint, he quickly draws the setting before the colour dries. Then, he superimposes shades of white and various colours, more or less diluted. The artist also combines pastels and sometimes collage. The result gives depth, contrast and movement to his work.
Rogé enjoys inventing everyday stories, which he tells in pictures with a touch of poetry, humour and tenderness ... The playfulness of childhood and the tender cruelty of the world are his main sources of inspiration. The artist captures the wonder of the moment and the surprises of simple situations, unexpected, often funny, sometimes impossible, but as always as colourful as life.