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Seaty’s work takes its roots from popular culture. Engaged in a quest for identity and liberty from a very young age, the artist approached the hip-hop and graffiti movements at the end of the 1990s.
This musical, aesthetic and urban culture pushed him to take over the city and start his first paintings on walls. These “wild creations” are true pilgrimages at the heart of urban space. Unclear terrains, closed factories, steel rails and motorways become the places of an artistic experience almost like a performance.
Self-taught, the artist later decided to evolve the strictly pictorial dimension of his work by choosing to experiment with a canvas support. With this, he developed the forms and nuances with precision to turn towards a practice of free figuration still steeped in signs, motifs and colours of urban culture. Working with a paintbrush and aerosol cans, Seaty combines tools and multiplies supports to feed better the eclecticism of a practice that wants to reproduce in the space of the frame, the feeling of the urban space, chance and the unexpected, which live in these wild, uncontrolled territories. The drips, the traces and the projections of paint mark the city in its unpredictable and imperfect dimension. The abstract depths of the paintings reproduce his walls, where graffiti lettering, portraits or objects meet. But the space of the frame cannot contain Seaty’s whole piece and it is on furniture, armchairs or wooden planks that the artist spreads his message today, always searching for a new territory.