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Benedicte Serre

Benedict spent her childhood in the Drôme Provençale. The eldest of five children, she discovered the joys of craft and design at home. It was natural that she chose to study at the School of Fine Arts in Saint-Etienne and Valence.
After a few attempts at illustration she was given a job with Folimage animation studios, where she worked for 14 years. She worked as a decorator, a designer of intermediate images, a colourist, a reproducer of animation styles and in voiceovers. During these years, she adapted well to creating very different styles. Enriched by all of these experiences, Benedict decided at the age of 40 years to devote herself entirely to her passion for painting.
Gradually she developed her technique: she colours, works and then tears the paper. In the same way that we build a mosaic or a puzzle, she assembles the pieces, gluing and superimposing them on the canvas. From this assembly appears a form on a background that is itself worked in acrylic. She applies layers of paint using spatulas and brushes. Once completed, the work highlights the colour, thickness, topography and diversity of the materials.
Depending on her inspiration, Bénédicte paints animals, children, couples, landscapes ... Her precise strokes bring spontaneity and freshness to the characters in her creations. The rounded, soft forms and bright colours or pastels reflect a world where darkness and sadness do not have a place.
Bénédicte is inspired by her surroundings and environment, which she combines with her inner world. She transforms and beautifies that which surrounds her, seeking a balance and harmony of colours. Her message is filled with optimism; she wants to bring a touch of joy to the eye of the beholder.