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As a child, Sultana was already observing the sky and landscapes of her native Greece, imagining being able to capture them. At age 20, she moved to Paris and diligently studied the museums there. One day at the Louvre, whose galleries she visited regularly, she decided to try to paint. The very next day she stretched a canvas over some wooden boards and began applying a few touches of colour.
The result was interesting and promising enough for her to engage in further artistic training. For several years, she studied the art of fresco, icons, Chinese watercolour and calligraphy. She also took courses with pastel artists Thierry Citron and Alain Victor (twentieth - twenty-first centuries).
The artist’s technical mastery allows her to set down her memory and emotions with precision. Passionate about travel, Sultana takes advantage of trips abroad to put together travel diaries where she combines her creative talents with exotic discoveries. Her pictorial adventures have taken her, in particular, to Mauritania, Morocco and Tuscany. The nature and the light of these African and Mediterranean destinations are her main sources of inspiration.
An admirer of the Impressionists of the nineteenth century such as Paul Cézanne (France) and Vincent van Gogh (Netherlands), Sultana works oil with a knife and brush on prepared surfaces. However, she does not use only this technique and likes to explore many processes. Her creations can consist of collages, image transfers, inlays and designs with natural pigments. Always surprising, each of her works is a journey in and of itself.