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With a degree in advertising communication, Terra naturally turned to the business of graphic and visual design after additional training in computer aided design. Along with this occupation, she maintained her passion for painting by attending workshops in her hometown of Saint-Etienne (Loire). In 2002, the artist headed south to settle in the Alpes-Maritimes region. This change in setting gave her a break, which helped her decide to leave the hectic world of advertising to devote herself entirely to painting. She multiplied her exhibitions in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region and shard her enthusiasm by animating sessions of artistic expression at the School of Fine Arts.
Education became an integral part of Terra’s artistic process. By accompanying the creative potential of her students, she herself explores unsuspected artistic territories. Inspired by this experience, she returned to Saint-Etienne in 2007 to open her own workshop.
Terra draws and paints on canvas with acrylic and oil. Her subject of predilection is men. Male sensitivity moves her. The characters she represents have no specific origin. The artist becomes attached to them as they appear on the canvas. She patiently gets to know them. Then she tells us a slice of their life by bringing out the atmosphere of a place, the expression of a face or the depth of a look. The random chance of artistic creation can, however, plunge her works into a quirky universe. For years, Terra has exploited this theme relentlessly. She only considers these, however, as signs of her work: her fascination for man is inexhaustible.