Tiffany Vailier

Creative from a very young age, Tiffany Vailier realised early on which path her life was destined for. During her studies in visual arts, she developed her passion “for artistic research such as analysing textures and contemporary graphic design” and then made her first collages from a variety of materials.
Interested in the arts in general, her passion brought about a collaboration with the field of “living arts” (des arts vivants) through the creation of set designs, which then led to building a private, multidisciplinary business by opening her own gallery-restaurant-workshop. This establishment offers her the opportunity to present her artwork to the public, alongside opportunities to teach and work with other artists.
Using diverse techniques and mediums, the artists explores the notion of the figurative both in the way she represents her subject matter as well as in the way she explores “visual retranscription”. She never stops experimenting and is always pushing the limits of her research, admiring the works and drawings of comic strip artists like Enki Bilal, Sempé and Loisel or even the unique graphic style of artists such as Toulouse-Lautrec and Egon Schiele. This constant quest reveals itself in a variety of sketches and drawings which are more than simple, real-life and figurative representations. Her “visual language” produces a type of “free story telling” that offer multiple re-readings of the works she creates, through the layers of accumulation and juxtaposition, composed of connected yet disruptive elements.
Tiffany has succeeded in thinking outside of the box, or rather outside of the picture frame – as well as beyond the subject matter – in order to create a continuous graphic experience from figurative practices whose elements of elaboration and the modus operandi are given to the spectator to look at, reminding them of a work in progress.