Cécile Valle

During her studies, Cécile was first interested in publicity, which she studied for two years. She furthered her artistic knowledge for 4 years by taking both arts and graphics, and calligraphy courses. This dual complementary education has been a determining factor for Cécile. From the former she has the rigor of composition, the precision of line, the work of the color and design, and from the later the freedom of movement.
In 1999, she opened a studio and worked for advertising agencies and businesses. Meanwhile, she taught courses in calligraphy and painting in various schools and cultural centers. These experiences enriched her and enabled her to develop her artistic research. In 2004, Cécile decided to devote herself entirely to painting. An abstract painter and colorist, Cécile loves the freedom of beginning from scratch. She uses all of her academic learning as a base and frees herself from it in order to evolve and find her own style. The artist begins her paintings with drawings she calls ‘skeletons’ because they are the backbone of the composition. Cécile always knows the direction that her paintings will take, but never the way to get there. They are structured paintings in which the artist is completely free. She paints with acrylic, ink and sometimes pigments.
Cécile’s painting focuses on abstract compositions made up of gestural strokes and calligraphic rhythms. The two worlds fit together in a mutually enriching scripturally graphic dance, which takes on an entirely new dimension. The artist is interested in memory, expressed with successive layers of paint. She cultivates a contrast between the composed masses and the free, intuitive and spontaneous strokes. Cecile paints shapes like pieces of the world on which are inscribed the emotions and the fragility felt by all of us.