Lydia Van Domburgh

Inspired by a grandfather painter and cellist, Lydia began to draw at an early age. She joined the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (Netherlands). She gave up her studies for personal reasons. She continued painting however and later resumed her studies at the Art School of Utrecht (Netherlands). After graduating, she decided to share her passion and became a teacher of Fine Arts, teaching adults and children.
Lydia began with watercolour, appreciating the effects of light. Gradually, she started painting with acrylics and tried her hand at abstraction. During an artistic exchange between the Netherlands and China, she meets a lot of Chinese artists and they share together about their art.
A multidisciplinary artist, Lydia uses acrylic, oil and watercolour combined with other elements: cotton, aluminium, stone, paper... These different materials allow her to play with relief and media. They are the realistic details of a painting’s abstract background.
With an open and curious personality, Lydia reads books on art and visits museums. She carefully observes the world around her and refines her artistic eye. She draws inspiration from her surroundings and environment. Any insignificant detail can be a creative new idea.
Her work is the result of a random process; she does not plan the result. However the main elements are always natural colours. She wishes to capture moments of life on canvas. Her technique joins her philosophy of life: the destination does not matter; only the journey is important. In her work, as in her personal journey, Lydia welcomes imagination.