Through painting, screen printing and photography, Vike has dedicated his life to the creation of paintings for nearly 50 years. With this experience, the Danish artist leaves nothing to chance in his work. He defends the artisanal and authentic side of art. His technical skills allow him to recreate with dexterity his original view of the world. Over the years, his work has been the subject of numerous national and international exhibitions.
From Prague to Paris via London and New York, Vike has travelled the world since the 60s. Inspired by nature, cities, men and their moods, he depicts with a touch of poetry how life moves ahead in the city or the countryside. Like an investigator gathering scattered clues, the artist compiles his work of elements of a richly coloured puzzle. His compositions restore social moments in all their complexity. Life emerges out of buildings, spreading throughout the streets of his cityscapes. In this way his paintings become intriguing mirrors of a contemporary and multifaceted era.
After becoming interested in screen printing in small series of abstract patterns, Vike now works in acrylic on canvas. He combines his painting with silk-screens of unique pieces made from photographs. His works consist of collages around a central topic. Black and white is broken by the colour he considers a vector of gaiety and irony. This work is, however, constantly changing. The artist is always exploring new techniques and thematic tracks. In this way he remains consistent with his way of understanding the world and its constant changes.