Nathalie Vives-Detraz

Born in the Aude region in 1971, Nathalie Vives-Detraz has always loved and carried out her painting in a visceral way. To the question " Why Art? " she answers: "Because life is not enough." So she began studies in Art History in Montpellier in order to explore the " vast unknown territory " that represents pictorial art in her eyes. A painter with multiple inspirations, Nathalie admires prehistoric artists for their powerful strokes, Joan Mitchell for his creative freedom, Cy Twombly for his poetry (American artists of the twentieth century), Pierre Relieves ( French painter of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries ) for his rigor and Tapies and Clave ( Catalan painters of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries ) for their materiality.
The artist's work evolves throughout her discoveries and experiences. She first appropriated the notion of space by creating abstract installa t i o n s , m a d e o f s e w n a n d n a i l e d m a t e r i a l s , a n d b y p l a y i n g w i t h v o l u m e s a n d t e x t u r e s . S h e e n g r a v e d w o o d , m a r k i n g h e r d r a w i n g s b e f o r e r e m o v i n g t h e i t e m s o n e b y o n e , t o r e t u r n t o h e r f i r s t l o v e , p a i n t i n g , w h e t h e r o n w o o d , c a n v a s o r c a r d b o a r d , w o r k i n g t h e t e x tures with various techniques (acrylic, walnut stain, pastels, oil, etc.).
She describes her painting as an eternal story of Byzantine complexity in which the works respond in turns, whatever their medium, their materials, or their colour palette, and regardless of their chronology.
Halfway between abstraction and figuration, her works reflect nature, the plant and mineral world, the anchors of life. So it was natural that she undertook a series of paintings entitled "The Germinated." Indeed, their symbolism fascinates her. They are the true embodiment of life and the ability to rise and triumph in hostile terrain.
The artist thus sows in her paintings seeds, uterine shapes, crosses and letters to form an alphabet of her composition, guiding the viewer into a space for meditation, reflection and introspection.